【NEW!】Online Kick-off Workdhop 18 May,2022

Global Fair Society After COVID-19:Emerging Agendas

Chiba University (headquartered in Japan) has launched several “flagship” research programs for 2022-2026 (fiscal years, spanning April-March). One of them, actually the only one centering on humanities and social sciences, is “New Frontiers of Studies on Global Fair Society: Values and Public Vision in the Age after COFID-19” headed by Prof.Jiro Mizushima (Graduate School of Social Sciences, Chiba university). In the age of globalization, we witness the growing need to ensure that people from all cultures, countries and backgrounds are treated fairly. The basic concept of our research program, the Chiba Studies on Global Fair Society, is “fairness.” We define fairness as the basic element of justice, but it exceeds justice, embracing values such as equality, liberty and subjective well-being. Our focus is on challenging and overcoming unfair practices on all scales, investigating issues such as gender inequality, widening income gaps, migration, and the collapse of regional and marginal communities, across the world. In doing so, we try to investigate the development, transformation and limitations of existing welfare state models and to provide empirical evidence for how a fair society with a high standard of subjective well-being can be achieved in the 21st century. This is a kick-off online workshop discussing these and emerging agendas especially after the outbreak of COVID-19.

■Date:Wednesday,18 May,2022

■Moderator:Prof.Hikari Ishido(Chiba University)

■Time Schedule:
[Opening Remark]: Prof.Jiro Mizushima(Chiba University)

[First speaker]: Dr.Xiang Li(Chiba University)
   "Thriving in a post-pandemic world:
    Food Security and the need for policy coordination"

[Second speaker]: Dr.Xiaofang Zhang(Chiba University)
   "International Cooperation in Climate change:
    Toward a Post COVID-19"

[Third speaker]: Mr.Alfonso Torrero
          (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)
   "Entering a post-COVID-19 scenario in México:
    how can we fight for a fairer (civil) society?"

[Discussion]: Masaya Kobayashi(Chiba University)

[Discussion]: Takayuki Kawase(Chiba University)

[Responses]: The three speakers

[Closing Remarks]: Prof.Jiro Mizushima and Prof.Masaya Kobayashi


After the Pandemic: Towards a New Fair Society?

In the global society of the 21st century, multi-faceted "unfair" phenomena have become apparent, such as employment instability and economic disparity due to deindustrialization, disparity between urban and rural areas, gender disparity, and uneven distribution of wealth.Based on the analysis of the current situation of unfairness, this online workshop aims to focus on "social justice" and developing social proposals and dissemination to overcome social division and marginalization.

■Date:16 February 2022,16:00-18:00(Japan standard time)

[Moderator]Prof.Hikari Ishido (Chiba University)

[Speaker]Asst.Prof.Dr.Gerald Moshammer
             (Mahidol University International College)
      Dr.Natanaree Posrithong
             (Mahidol University International College)
[Panelist]Prof.Jiro Mizushima (Chiba University)
      Prof.Masaya Kobayashi (Chiba University)       Asst.Prof.Takayuki Kawase (Chiba University)

Online International Symposium

COVID-19 and Issues on Global Social Justice

In the face of the outbreak of COVID-19, we host online international symposium to consider the global pandemic’s ensuing and unprecedented impact on the global society at large, regional integrations (e.g., EU, APEC and ASEAN) and smaller-scale regional societies, in terms of “justice” and “well-being.”

■Date:27 October 2021

[Moderator]Prof.Hikari Ishido (Chiba University)

[Speaker]Prof.Lindsay Oades (University of Melbourne)
       Prof.Masaya Kobayashi (Chiba University)
      Ms.Afsana Berum(Chiba University)
[Panelist]Prof.Jiro Mizushima (Chiba University)
      Asst.Prof.Takayuki Kawase (Chiba University)
      Prof.Hikari Ishido (Chiba University)


About our Program

 Chiba Studies on Global Fair Society has been selected as one of the projects for Chiba University Leading Research Promotion Programme (2015-2021). Chiba University Leading Research Promotion Programme aims to promote cutting-edge research and help build a global research network.

How we define “fairness”

 We define “fairness” as a concept that entails the basic element of justice, but at the same time embrace values such as “equality”, “liberty”, and “equity”. In that sense, we identify “fairness” as a norm and concept that exceeds “justice”. The aim of our project is to address the issue of global problems and seek for a way to achieve “fairness” under the global economy of the 21st century. In order to achieve our goal, we will explore discussions on “fairness” in various sub-fields of social science and bring them together under four workgroups and six sub-sections.


 Global Fair Society

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