Reports from 'The Global Refugee Crisis' International Conference of Fiscal 2017

"The Global Refugee Crisis" international conference of fiscal 2017 in Relational Studies on Global Crises concluded successfully.

 An international conference was held jointly with the Middle East Institute (MEI) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) on January 5th-6th, 2018, in the 6th floor MEI Conference Room at NUS, titled "The Global Refugee Crisis: Mobile People under State Protection or Exploitation?" This international conference materialized as the result of a year or more of close exchanges or research and ideas between MEI at NUS and the International Research Promotion Group on Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, the main thrust of which is to collaborate with front-line research institutes overseas to convey academic results each year for foreign audiences.

The latest information on the programme is available here:

Conference Programme

The reports can be downloaded here (in Japanese):

グローバル関係学2017年度国際会議「The Global Refugee Crisis」開催報告

Scenes from the conference can be found here:

Photo collection
ギャラリー:シンガポール国際会議「The Global Refugee Crisis: Mobile People under State Protection or Exploitation?」

Parts of the videos of each of the reports, have been uploaded to the following YouTube channel of MEI at NUS.

The Global Refugee Crisis Conference