Establishing Research Networks on the studies of protest movements: focing on the cases of the Middle East and its comparison with those in Asia

International Workshop: “Establishing Research Networks in the Middle East and Asia: First Inter-Core Meeting”

Date: February 7 (Tue)

Venue: Chiba University, Multimedia meeting room, 2nd Floor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences/ Zoom online

Language: English

Registration: Please fill the registration form below by 3rd february.


Sponsored by: JSPS Core-to-Core program: Type B. Asia-Africa Science Platforms (JPJSCCB20210002), headed by Keiko SAKAI)

The aim of this Core-to-core Program is to grasp the socio-political awareness of young people in recent years in the Middle East, especially in the Arab countries, and to compare it with the cases of Japan and Asia. The Center for Relational Studies on the Global Crises, Chiba University will work as a research hub for this research exchange.

Contact: Center for Relational Studies on Global Crises 
Email: glblcrss [at]