Contemporary American Politics: Midterm Elections in 2022, Democracy and Populism

The Grant in Aid for Scientific Research project "Comparative Political Analysis on Global Populism" held an international webinar entitled "Contemporary American Politics: Midterm Elections in 2022, Democracy and Populism" on December 2.
Prof.Jun Furuya(Hokkaido University/Former president of The Japanese Association for American Studies) and
Prof.James A. Morone(Brown University) known as the author of "The Democratic Wish:Popular Participation and the Limits of American Government","Hellfire Nation: The Politics of Sin in American History","Republic of Wrath: How American Politics Turned Tribal,from George Washington to Donald Trump" gave lectures.

Streaming:All in English , Original voice(Japanese and English)

■Date:December 2,2022

■Opening Remark: Prof.Jiro Mizushima(Chiba University)

■Lecture: Prof.Jun Furuya(Hokkaido University,
       Former president of The Japanese Association for American Studies)
     "American Democracy Today"

     Prof.James A. Morone(Brown University)
     "Ferocious Politics in America:The Past,the Present,and the Future"

■Discussion: Prof.Takayuki Nishiyama(Seikei University)

■Language: Japanese and English (simultaneous interpretation available)

■Organized:The Grant in Aid for Scientific Research project "Comparative Political Analysis on Global Populism"
        (No.21H04386) (Project leader:Jiro Mizushima(Chiba University))

■Co-sponsored:Chiba Global Fair Society (Project leader:Jiro Mizushima(Chiba University))

Mr.Alfonso Torrero (Ph.D.Candidate at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana,Mexico) held an online seminar. His presentation considers regionaldevelopment, poverty, and communities in Mexico, from the perspective of fairness.


■Date:18 November 2022

■Time Schedule:

[Moderator]Prof.Hikari Ishido (Chiba University)

[Opening Remark]Prof.Jiro Mizushima (Chiba University)

[Lecture]Mr.Alfonso Torrero (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)
      "A high impact welfare project against food poverty in Mexico:
      collaboration difficulties, governmental intervention and its consequences in fairness"

[Question & Response]


The aim of this online seminar is to address the issue of disparities and seek for a way to achieve “fairness” under the global economy currently suffering from the negative impact of the COVID-19, a pandemic which have since Dec. 2019 been making an unprecedented impacts on socioeconomic activities across the globe.

■Date:5 September,2022, 2:30p.m. - 5:00p.m. (JST)

■Mode:Online seminar in English(no interpretation)

■Time Schedule:
14:30[Opening Remark]Prof.Jiro Mizushima (Chiba University)

14:35[Chair's overview of the topic]Prof.Hikari Ishido (Chiba University)

15:00[Presentation]Dr.Benjalux Sakunasingha
           (Mahidol University International College )
      "Impact of COVID-19 on MSMEs and Post-COVID Revival:
      The Case of Thailand"

15:30[Presentation]Mr.Richard Liang (Keio University)
      "COVID-19 related policy restrictions across the globe"

16:00[Discussions From the perspective of Fairness]
          Prof.Masaya Kobayashi

16:30[Q&A and feedback comments]

16:55[Closing Remark]

17:00[End of the program]

■Moderator:Prof.Hikari Ishid(Chiba University)


We held an international online workshop entitled "Multiculturalism, East and West" on August 3. The lecture was delivered by the international renowned scholar, Professor Christoph Lütge(Technical University of Munich) who has been active in the research field of business ethics and political philosophy.


■Date:3 August 2022

■Time Schedule:

[Moderator]Asst.Prof.Takayuki Kawase (Chiba University)

[Opening Remark]Prof.Jiro Mizushima (Chiba University)

[Lecture]Prof.Christoph Lütge (Technical University of Munich)
      "The German Migration Crisis 2015 and 2016:
      Ethics, Strategy and Public Dialogue"

[Lecture]Asst.Prof.Takayuki Kawase (Chiba University)
      "Multiculturalism and Liberal Nationalism:
      Liberal Integration of Immigrants"

[Question & Response]


Wellness and Fairness:Psychology with Social Dimension

We held an international seminar (online) in the emerging research field "Positive Political Psychology", a new area of research (which has been internationally propounded by Prof.Masaya Kobayashi). The first seminar addressed "Wellness and Fairness: Psychology with Social Dimension" as in the title, and an online lecture delivered by the internationally renowned scholar, Professor Isaac Prilleltensky (University of Miami) who has been active in the research field of psychology with social Dimension. Professor Prilleltensky is the world-class authority on community psychology and advocates the concept of multidimensional well-being at personal, organizational and community levels. He was also a guest editor of Professor Kobayashi's contributing issue “Psychology for the Common Good: Citizenship, Justice and Well-being" in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. He gave a lecture on " Wellness, Fairness, and Worthiness: Psychosocial goods for the Common Good.” Professor Akito Shimazu(Keio University),who is well-known for his research into “Work Engagement”, served as a discussant, and we also invited related comments from the members of this research project.


■Date:Wednesday,13 July,2022           ※Online,in English

■Time Schedule:
0:03[Opening Remark]: Prof.Jiro Mizushima(Chiba University)

0:07[Lecture]: Prof.Isaac Prilleltensky(University of Miami)
            "Wellness, Fairness, and Worthiness:
            Psychosocial Goods for the Common Good"

0:46[Discussion]: Prof.Akito Shimizu(Keio University)

1:00[Discussion]: Prof.Masaya Kobayashi(Chiba University)


■Moderator:Prof.Hikari Ishido(Chiba University)


Chiba University (headquartered in Japan) has launched several “flagship” research programs for 2022-2026 (fiscal years, spanning April-March). One of them, actually the only one centering on humanities and social sciences, is “New Frontiers of Studies on Global Fair Society: Values and Public Vision in the Age after COFID-19” headed by Prof.Jiro Mizushima (Graduate School of Social Sciences, Chiba university). In the age of globalization, we witness the growing need to ensure that people from all cultures, countries and backgrounds are treated fairly. The basic concept of our research program, the Chiba Studies on Global Fair Society, is “fairness.” We define fairness as the basic element of justice, but it exceeds justice, embracing values such as equality, liberty and subjective well-being. Our focus is on challenging and overcoming unfair practices on all scales, investigating issues such as gender inequality, widening income gaps, migration, and the collapse of regional and marginal communities, across the world. In doing so, we try to investigate the development, transformation and limitations of existing welfare state models and to provide empirical evidence for how a fair society with a high standard of subjective well-being can be achieved in the 21st century. This is a kick-off online workshop discussing these and emerging agendas especially after the outbreak of COVID-19.


■Date:Wednesday,18 May,2022

■Moderator:Prof.Hikari Ishido(Chiba University)

■Time Schedule:
[Opening Remark]: Prof.Jiro Mizushima(Chiba University)

[First speaker]: Dr.Xiang Li(Chiba University)
   "Thriving in a post-pandemic world:
    Food Security and the need for policy coordination"

[Second speaker]: Dr.Xiaofang Zhang(Chiba University)
   "International Cooperation in Climate change:
    Toward a Post COVID-19"

[Third speaker]: Mr.Alfonso Torrero
          (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)
   "Entering a post-COVID-19 scenario in México:
    how can we fight for a fairer (civil) society?"

[Discussion]: Masaya Kobayashi(Chiba University)

[Discussion]: Takayuki Kawase(Chiba University)

[Responses]: The three speakers

[Closing Remarks]: Prof.Jiro Mizushima and Prof.Masaya Kobayashi