The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences has aimed to combine a vast area of social sciences and humanities to produce integrated forms of new human sciences. It contains philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, archeology, Japanese and European literature, culture studies, linguistics, language education, law, politics, economics, management sciences, sports sciences, etc. Public Affairs, one of the five divisions of master’s programs (and of the three divisions of doctoral programs), aims to search for alternative new society models by an interdisciplinary approach based on philosophy, history, politics, economics and education. One of the central themes of our graduate school is to encourage interdisciplinary and creative research activities and to promote academic communality, by way of mutual cooperations (and mutual critiques) among different research fields.

In April 2017, Chiba University’s Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences will be reorganized into the  Graduate School of Humanities and Study of Public Affairs. Detail